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Our Principals & product range

Graf + Cie AG, Switzerland

A world's leading manufacturer of innovative flat clothing, metallic card clothing for cards, and combs for combers since 1917. Graf's offer of services covers the entire range, from products and technical assistance to service and service machinery. Everything, from profile wires and carding wires to foundation material and end products, is manufactured at Graf’s own production facilities in Europe.

To facilitate the mounting needs of flat card/ clipping/front rollers, we have our own service centre located at 5-Star MIDC, Kagal, Kolhapur.

To know more please visit at www.graf-companies.com

Genkinger GmbH, Germany

A leading manufacturer of Material Handling Equipment, with state-of-the-art technology & highest safety standards. A wide range of material lifting & transport equipment (Trolley) for weaving mills, knitting factories & warehouse, as per individual customer requirements.

To know more, please visit www.genkinger.de

Loepfe Brothers Ltd

Since its establishment in 1955, the company has been the pace¬setter for innovation in textile quality control.

Today, Loepfe is the world-wide leading manufacturer and solution partner for electronic online quality assurance systems.

Fifty percent of the world-wide staple yarn production are monitored by Loepfe yarn clearers.Loepfe guarantees 100% quality monitoring for winding and open-end spinning machines.

To know more, Please visit www.loepfe.com/en/spinning

Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH

A worldwide leader in providing various automation solution in spinning mills & Winding technology in weaving mills, since 1955.

Automation Solution includes Sliver Can Transport System, Roving Bobbin Transport System, Package (Cone) Transport System for Ring Spinning Plant & OE Plants, Palletizing & Packing Systems, Pallet Handling – Preplines system, Box Packing System, Storage System, Robot Cells, & Overhead Transport System.

With 60 years of Experience in winding technology, Neuenhauser has developed wide range of Batch Winders including Surface Batch Winder, Combi-Winder, Centre-Winder with specialized solution, suitable for individual fabric standards.

To know more, Please visit www.neuenhauser.de

Roving Bobbin Transport System

Best in class, Roving Bobbin Transport systems safeguard the yarn quality by contact-less & pinpoint transport of the speed frame bobbins. Also known as Textra system, It can be installed in Fix-link orFlexible Link System, in Manual/Semi-Automatic/Fully Automatic configuration.
Reduced labor cost

  • Reduced labor cost
  • No mix-up of yarn qualities
  • Contactless Material Transport
  • Complete control of material flow
  • Relief from heavy lifting of bobbins & bobbin trolley

Text can also be equipped with a manual bobbin stripper, automatic bobbin Stripper (from 1 to 12 spindles, & automatic bobbin changer.

To know more, Please visit www.sohler-neuenhauser.de

Sohler-Neuenhauser GmbH & Co. KG

A worldwide leading manufacturer of Overhead Travelling Cleaners & Roving Bobbin Transport System.With the knowledge & experience of more than 60 years, they have developed wide range of Overhead Travelling cleaners for Spinning as well as Weaving Mills.
Model SP100S for weaving looms, Uniclean SZ-H for Jaquard units & Warping creels.

  • Solid design
  • High filtering capacity
  • Low energy consumption
  • High blowing and suction efficiency
  • Variably adjustable blowing nozzles

Model Uniclean RS, Uniclean SZWS for Roving machine & Ring Spinning machine.

  • Economical Operation
  • Central dust collection
  • Whorl Cleaner (Optional)
  • User friendly, low maintenance
  • Solid design – Sturdy Rail System
  • Comprehensive accessories programme

Scholze Germany GmbH

A worldwide trademark since 1950s for best quality of Back Beams, Loom Beams, Sectional Warp Beams, Tubes, Flanges, Cloth Beams, Note Trees, Tree Grates, Goods Trees, Cannisters & Bobbins.

To know more, Please visit www.scholze-germany.de

Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH

Since the early sixties of the 20th century, Suessen has been intensively engaged in Open-End rotor spinning.To date, Suessen has manufactured and delivered over 3 million SpinBoxes.

Suessen is offering Spinning components, spare parts, modernization packages and complete Spinbox modernizations for rotor spinning machines.

To know more, Please visit www.suessen.com

Xorella AG, Germany

Founded in Wettingen (Switzerland) in 1967, Xorella specializes in the design and manufacturing of steam setting and conditioning equipment for yarns and fabrics. Xorella became rapidly known in the global textile industry for its innovative indirect steaming system.

To know more, Please visit www.fongs.eu OR www.fongs.eu/machines/?brands=xorella