Sohler-Neuenhauser GmbH & Co. KG

Sohler-Neuenhauser GmbH & Co. KG

A worldwide leading manufacturer of Overhead Travelling Cleaners & Roving Bobbin Transport System.With the knowledge & experience of more than 60 years, they have developed wide range of Overhead Travelling cleaners for Spinning as well as Weaving Mills.

Model SP100S for weaving looms, Uniclean SZ-H for Jaquard units & Warping creels:

  1. Solid design
  2. High filtering capacity
  3. Low energy consumption
  4. High blowing and suction efficiency
  5. Variably adjustable blowing nozzles

Model Uniclean RS, Uniclean SZWS for Roving machine & Ring Spinning machine:

  1. Economical Operation
  2. Central dust collection
  3. Whorl Cleaner (Optional)
  4. User friendly, low maintenance
  5. Solid design – Sturdy Rail System
  6. Comprehensive accessories programme

Roving Bobbin Transport System

Best in class, Roving Bobbin Transport systems safeguard the yarn quality by contact-less & pinpoint transport of the speed frame bobbins. Also known as Textra system, It can be installed in Fix-link orFlexible Link System, in Manual/Semi-Automatic/Fully Automatic configuration.

    1. Reduced labor cost
    2. No mix-up of yarn qualities
    3. Contactless Material Transport
  • Relief from heavy lifting of bobbins & bobbin trolley

Text can also be equipped with a manual bobbin stripper, automatic bobbin Stripper (from 1 to 12 spindles, & automatic bobbin changer.

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