Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH

Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH

A worldwide leader in providing various automation solution in spinning mills & Winding technology in weaving mills, since 1955.

Automation Solution:

Automation Solution includes Sliver Can Transport System, Roving Bobbin Transport System, Package (Cone) Transport System for Ring Spinning Plant & OE Plants, Palletizing & Packing Systems, Pallet Handling – Preplines system, Box Packing System, Storage System, Robot Cells, & Overhead Transport System.

Winding Technology:

With 60 years of Experience in winding technology, Neuenhauser has developed wide range of Batch Winders including Surface Batch Winder, Combi-Winder, Centre-Winder with specialized solution, suitable for individual fabric standards.

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